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Fresh produce delivery throughout Gympie

Leafy vegetables — Fresh produce market Gympie in Gympie, QLD
Come in to Gingers Farm Fresh today to satisfy your fruit and vegetable cravings. Locally owned and operated, we're proud to source fresh produce from local farmers.

Most of our fruit and vegetables are spray-free to ensure you're receiving the freshest produce available. For many years, locals and businesses have come to us for quality farm-to-plate produce that's accompanied by outstanding customer service.

To make things easy, we also provide a home and wholesale delivery service. Our team deliver to various businesses throughout Gympie, including hotels, cafes, school tuckshops and restaurants.

Our friendly staff are on-hand to answer any questions you might have about our fresh produce and seasonal availability. Visit instore today or call us to place an order for delivery.

Feeding the family? Check out our fruit and veg boxes below for a bargain deal.
$40 Box

2kg potatoes
1 small Jap pumpkin
1kg sweet potatoes
1kg carrots
1 broccoli head
1kg onions
1 red capsicum
1kg cavendish bananas
1 avocado
1kg red apples
1kg pears
1 pineapple
A dozen free range eggs
500g zucchini
500g tomatoes

Items can be switched out with other items of same value. Place an order by calling (07) 5482 1530 from Monday to Friday.
$20 Box

1kg potatoes
½ small Jap pumpkin
½ kg sweet potatoes
½ kg carrots
200g beans
½ kg onions
¼ head cabbage
½ kg cavendish bananas
1 small avocado
½ kg red apples
½ kg pears
½ pineapple
½ dozen free range eggs
250g zucchini
250g tomatoes

*Please note the half-box is pick-up only. Phone (07) 5482 1530 today to place an order. Items can be switched out with other items of same value.